Thursday, December 3, 2009

i've been told or more like i heard that
'dont let the past dictate who you are but let it be part of who you'll become'
whoooaaaa powerful huh

so how now brown cow? the past is in present now
how do i make it part of who i'll become in the future
how do i make sure the past does not haunt me but instead flaunt me
hahaha flaunt is not a good idea
i may be fall into the past and in the end would endure pain to regain
but cant help it - the past is always there
yea i learn from it - yea i know the past well - yea the past is the past
let bygones be begones they say

tapi susah la kalau - masa silam/ lampau tu asik timbul balik
the past comforts me - makes me laugh reminiscing the memories
makes me whole and content again (a feeling i havent felt in a long time)
makes your heart smile
makes your heart skips a beat
makes you wonder what u did in the past - was it right or wrong
dunno! hehe

*sigh i need time alone w the past
perhaps then i can move on
totally 100% move on


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